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Recent blog posts
Back in 1989, director Robert Zemeckis and the rest of the filmmakers for Back to the Future II made some pretty exciting predictions about what life would be like in 2015. While hoverboards and flying cars have yet to materialize as modes of transportation, 2015 is still set to be an exciting year, especially for those of us in international education. For Diversity Abroad, 2015 marks eight years of operation, and it promises to be a year with new opportunities for engagement, enhanced resources for students and professionals, and broader initiatives that will impact diversity and inclusion efforts in international education...
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The following post is a cross-post with our blog geared toward diverse and underrepresented students and young people interested in international opportunities. On January 20, a NEW and enhanced will launch, and we are excited to share more opportunities with you and the students you serve!   At Diversity Abroad, we believe everyone is a prime candidate for an international experience. Whether it’s as a college student earning credits toward graduation, recent graduates moving abroad to teach English, or families seeking meaningful volunteer opportunities -- there are many ways that going abroad is beneficial, both personally and professionally.  ...
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At the latest CIEE conference, Diversity Abroad staff teamed up with local universities to host a workshop titled “Breaking Our Own Barriers: Becoming An Accessible Study Abroad Office.” Unlike most presentations on barriers, we decided not to look at the traditionally accepted 4 F’s which focus on barriers from the diverse student perspective. Instead, we took this as an opportunity to look inwardly, and identify what barriers we may have knowingly or unknowingly put in place that keep students from taking advantage of international opportunities. From staffing and organizational structure, to advising, outreach, and applications, the room of over 100+ study...
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The United States is home to more than 500 Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI’s) including: Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI’s), and Tribal Colleges & Universities (TCU’s). While open to students from all backgrounds, MSI’s occupy an important space within higher education, especially in the context of increasing access to educational opportunities. This blog post intends to highlight some of the trends, research, and debate specific to MSI’s in the context of internationalism. Currently, there are more than 100 HBCU’s in the U.S. According to the US Department of Education, an HBCU is defined as “…any historically black college or university that...
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As the Student Outreach Coordinator at Diversity Abroad, my primary role in our organization is to travel to colleges and universities throughout the country promoting study abroad for students of varied backgrounds. Whether I’m speaking in front of a group of first-generation college students, or tabling at a large-scale study abroad fair, I answer questions on everything from finding the right program, to identifying relevant scholarships. Students approach me with concerns while at various stages of the study abroad research process, and when all is said and done, I invite them to sign-up for our listserv to stay in touch and...
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Every year, international educators around the U.S. wait with a sense of excitement for the annual “Open Doors Report” published by the Institute for International Education.  Each year, there is something interesting in those numbers that captures our interest and compels those in the field to reflect on the successes and challenges of the previous year, and opportunities for the year to come. This year’s Report has many of us in the field wondering where the momentum in the growth of diverse students has gone. Last year gave us hope that the efforts to increase access to education abroad programming may...
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The Diversity Network is happy to announce new additions to the member online resources!  Country Climate Diversity Notes  In September, we have been able to add three new Country Climate Diversity Notes (CDNs)! Egypt Dominican Republic Denmark  Watch for the Thailand CDN to come in late September.   Good Practices Series Davidson College's efforts to expand resources for diverse students is the most recent addition to the Good Practices Series. Davidson's work in making information, resources, and guidance for diverse students more accessible on their website serves as an excellent example of how to integrate inclusive materials online. The Good Practice...
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A new report from the American Council on Education published this week highlights the challenges that HBCUs face in their internationalization efforts.   A link to the full report is included below as well as a summary from the Chronicle of Higher Education.   While many of these challenges may not be new, the report highlights some interesting and good work being done at the seven institutions that participated.    This is also a good reminder that HBCUs and minority serving institutions play a valuable role in the diversification of education abroad activities because they serve a large portion of racial/ethnic...
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Each year, the Diversity Network awards students attending our member institutions scholarships to support their study abroad experience. We are excited to announce that we were able to award five $500 scholarships to students from five of our Network Institutions. Not only do our scholars represent a diversity of institutions, majors, and class standings, their destinations are equally varied.   2013 Diversity Network Summer Scholarship Recipients Michael Nguyen, Film & Media Arts, Temple University, China Vanessa Murray, Music, University of Georgia, Costa Rica Isaac Anguiano, Finance, Michigan State University, Germany Dyan Castro, Architecture, University of Michigan, Japan Kimberly Knight, Psychology, UC...
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Diversity Abroad and CIEE are excited to announce the second cohort of professionals who will participate in a day-long Future Leaders Summit on Culture! We received applications from professionals around the country interested in addressing the barrier of culture to diversifying the students who participate in education abroad programming. The 20 participants selected to participate in this Summit will travel to San Diego, CA on Sunday, March 30th prior to the Diversity Abroad Conference. They will engage in dialogue focused on identifying the barriers that culture creates to attracting diverse and underrepresented students to education abroad, developing strategies to address these...
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Do you want to contribute to real change in international education? If so, the Future Leaders Summit might be the perfect platform for you! CIEE and Diversity Abroad have joined together to form a dynamic professional working group of experts from across the field of education to assist in developing better solutions of accessibility for students regardless of background, academic studies, or financial circumstances. The summit will consist of three one and two-day workshops for selected professionals to engage in dialogue to help solve problems relating to the three most common barriers for underrepresented students in study abroad:curriculum, culture, and cost....
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The team at Diversity Abroad is pleased to bring the expertise of Deidre Young to our organization! She will be replacing our former Student Services Manager, Antonio Reyes, who has accepted a Fulbright in China for the 2013-2014 academic year. Deidre brings with her extensive experience in diversity initiatives within international education as a former professional in the Education Abroad office at The University of Maryland, as well as in her graduate studies at the School for International Training. Deidre will be managing many aspects of the organization, such as the annual Go Global Campus Tour and the Diversity Abroad website....
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Diversity Abroad is pleased to announce the start of its campus-wide tour of universities and colleges across the country to promote international programs, internships, volunteering, graduate schools, and professional experiences overseas to students. Campus visits will first take our Diversity Abroad representatives to Washington, DC and Colorado in early September, with many more locations to follow. We are in our fifth year of this successful outreach initiative, and look forward to making each year of the GGT bigger and better. We wish to continue to expand our abilities to share the vast resources and opportunities available in international education to all students, regardless of background....
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On April 1-2 Diversity Abroad hosted the first national conference focused on discussing issues of diversity and inclusion in international education. Nearly 200 participants from around the country joined Diversity Abroad on the Loyola University Chicago campus in downtown Chicago for two days of workshops, networking, speakers, and discussions. If you were not able to join us for this year's inaugural conference, please stay tuned for an opportunity to participate in a webcast that will highlight insights, trends, and topics from this year's conference. Information about this opportunity will be available on the Diversity Network website later this week. Remember to...
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We are now a few days away from the Inaugural Diversity Abroad Conference; Changing Landscapes: Strategies and Opportunities for Greater Access taking place on April 1st and 2nd at Loyola University in Chicago, IL. The conference constitutes the most comprehensive national forum on issues of diversity and inclusion in international education, and will focus on institutional change to expand opportunities for access and success for diverse and underrepresented populations in international programming. There will be many highly-qualified guest speakers in attendance, as well as our keynote speaker, Ambassador Andrew Young. We will be hosting more than 190 participants and are thrilled...
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Last month Middlebury College, a small liberal arts college located in Vermont, released a study with some striking results. The study suggested that women who study abroad are more likely than their peers who remain in the U.S. to experience some kind of sexual assault while in college. There are several possible explanations as to why this may be the case: easier access to alcohol, weak social networks, and differences in cultural cues. Considering that the majority of students who study abroad are women (IIE Open Doors Report) and there is a greater push to get students to study in non-traditional (generally non-English speaking)...
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After nearly a year of intense presidential political campaigning, U.S. voters have officially selected President Obama for a second term in the White House. With a host of big issues to tackle, the Obama administration will not only be faced with challenges like handling an economic recovery and improving bipartisan relationships in Congress, they will also need to  manage changes in education policies, immigration reform, foreign policy efforts and more.  With so many priorities to manage, what could Obama’s second term mean for international educational professionals, especially for those interested in expanding education abroad opportunities for traditionally underrepresented populations? Based on...
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“All Americans are superficial and I can’t wait to go home.” This is a popular statement made by international students during their first semester of studying in the U.S. Initially students can develop a euphoria with America and the experience may meet or even surpass their previous expectations. However, when that wears off and homesickness starts to brew it is no surprise that students who have come to the U.S. to earn degrees experience some sort of shock. They may even develop disdain and seriously contemplate going back home. The language barrier alone can drive someone crazy, not to mention the...
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An acquaintance of mine recently posted photos of his travels in Europe on Facebook. Another friend commented on a photo taken in Albania, asking, “Albania? What’s that?” When the former replied that Albania was a country and provided a few geographical facts, the second friend replied, “I’ve never heard of that. The United States is so big!” Is this an extreme example of the ignorance of American students? Certainly. However, the underlying ignorance and lack of interest in the larger world, displayed all too often by students and professionals alike, should not be so easily dismissed. This apathy and disinterest is...
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International education is increasingly becoming the primary means by which societies will bridge the cultural and linguistic divides not only in the United States, but globally. With the challenges shared by societies being global and interdisciplinary in nature, and so too are the solutions.  The world demands a competent workforce able to integrate, and thrive in different societies through experience.  To achieve this demand, professionals in education must overcome the issue of lacking awareness of an international education in every class room and campus. Lack of knowledge in the opportunities to learn about and experience other cultures stifles the abilities of...
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