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Recent blog posts
Institution Name  Xavier University of Louisiana Location New Orleans, LA How long has your organization/institution been a member? 4 years Why did your institution decide to join the Diversity Abroad Network? As the Chief International Officer at a Historically Black College, I feel it has been very beneficial to partner with Diversity Abroad. Our missions are similar as both our organizations want to assist 21st Century college students in developing the global competencies necessary to take on roles of leadership and service in the ever increasing global society. Beyond the mission, DA has a leader with great vision and an amazing...
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We are deeply saddened and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the terrible events that took place in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas last week, as well other recent events of violence here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. The reports we have read from the news and social media as well as what we have viewed through video and pictures are heartbreaking and sad. These events not only affect us as professionals, but they affect the students we serve; those who are considering education abroad, those currently overseas, and the international students...
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Institution Name  The Ohio State University Location Columbus, OH Institutional Profile Large (over 15,000) How long has your organization/institution been a member? 5 years  Why did your institution decide to join the Diversity Abroad Network? Two primary reasons: 1. The Diversity Abroad Network offers excellent resources, perspectives and people to help us develop strategies for increasing underrepresented and diverse student participation in our education abroad programming. 2. The Diversity Abroad Network connects us in meaningful and productive ways to a learning community that is engaged in conversations and actions related to building inclusion and equity in education abroad. What Diversity Network...
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Submitted by Diversity Abroad 2015/2016 Task Force on STEM Disciplines: Ahaji Schreffler, Drexel University; Kate Moore, Academic Internship Council; Kristy Saerbry, Wake Forest University.   1.       Get them early (during incoming orientation) & dispel myths 2.       Find a faculty member to become a champion for EA  3.       Offer English coursework & EA options 4.       Make scholarships & affordable options available 5.       Focus on academics, not geography (STEM students often prioritize coursework over location) 6.       Build a database to track courses & transfers 7.       Build programs that ensure smooth credit transfer 8.       Advise on the right timing (e.g. delay graduation, waiting time after tests, summer etc.) 9.       Build opportunities for non-traditional...
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Contributed by the 2015-2016 Task Force on Racially & Ethnically Diverse Students: Nicole McDermott - University of Maryland College Park (Chair); Darielle Horsey - University of Washington; Katja Kurz - Cultural Vistas; Irene Lopez - Kenyon College; Emerald Templeton - University of California, Berkeley While more students of color are enrolling at higher rates in U.S. colleges, their presence in study abroad programs has not, unfortunately, kept up with their gains in enrollment. Indeed, research has shown that students of color are sorely underrepresented in study abroad programs, with less than 10% attending a study abroad program (Sweeney, 2013). This is unfortunate...
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Family Outreach of First Generation College Students: Best Practices First Generation College Students (FGCS) are a diverse group of students who often identify with many other student populations on campus. They come to campus with unique experiences from intersecting cultures, and often have different family dynamics and relationships. This can pose different challenges for FCGS students that non-FCGS students may not have experienced. For example, some FGCS may have family who are unfamiliar with the university processes and culture. FGCS are learning how to navigate college while also sharing this knowledge with their parents and families. According to a study published...
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Institution Name  CET Academic Programs Location Washington, DC  How long has your organization/institution been a member? 3+ years Why did your institution decide to join the Diversity Abroad Network? CET joined the Diversity Network because we believe in making study abroad accessible to all students and are committed to the creation of professional resources that allow us and others to grow in our strides towards inclusive excellence.  What Diversity Network resource has been most useful for you and your colleagues in advancing diversity & inclusive excellence in global education? The Annual Conference has been the most useful tool for our organization...
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It was recently announced that Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of the first family, was accepted into Harvard University, her parents’ alma mater. However, unlike most graduating high school seniors this year who will be attending university in the fall, the Obama’s announced that Malia will be taking a gap year instead. As International Educators, we already understand the personal, academic and professional benefits that students gain when going abroad. So what does Malia’s decision to take a gap year say about how life-experiences are valued by today’s youth, and what kind of impact might this have on diverse students’ college...
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Institution Name  University of Wisconsin-Madison, International Academic Programs Location Madison, WI  Institutional Profile Large (over 15,000) How long has your organization/institution been a member? Joined in 2014 Why did your institution decide to join the Diversity Abroad Network? International Academic Programs  has a commitment to having all students study abroad, and we wanted to be involved in a national organization that is a leader in the access and inclusion conversation.  We were hoping to get more resources to provide to our students to better support them and be even more intentionally involved in the dialogue and action for equitable access. What...
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Studying abroad is one of the most valuable assets you as a student can take away from your academic careers. The benefits range from honing foreign language skills to increasing cultural awareness, to name a few. But traveling internationally comes with some risks, and it may be the first time you’ve been away from home — or from your home country — which might rattle the nerves of your parent or guardian. And sometimes, no amount of assurances or pamphlets can keep a worried parent happy, so keep these things in mind before and during your time abroad. Be patient, and...
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Submitted by Diversity Abroad 2015/2016 Task Force on STEM Disciplines: Ahaji Schreffler, Drexel University; Kate Moore, Academic Internship Council; Kristy Saerbry, Wake Forest University. As study abroad professionals tackle the barriers of increasing participation of students in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine, one STEM discipline presents particularly unique challenges: Technology. A critical step in any STEM study abroad strategy is eliciting buy‐in from faculty so students are encouraged and supported. The advantages of study abroad can seem more straightforward to convey for disciplines such as engineering and medicine given the increasingly multicultural population, global collaboration on research, and international workforce....
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Posted by on in Identity
Guest Blogger: Myla Harris  I belong to a small (but growing) group of people around the world who can call themselves expatriates.  I’ve often lingered over the term, wondering if it suits my particular journey. After all, I have never rejected my country of origin, quite the contrary in fact.  I’m probably more American now than when my family left in 1999 for Germany.  Yet, leave the US my family and I did: experience has shown most people can’t (or maybe even, won’t) understand the reasons behind our choice. Truth be told, we had momentary crisis of faith in our personal...
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Institution Name  University of Connecticut Location Storrs, Connecticut Institutional Profile Large (over 15,000) How long has your organization/institution been a member? 3 years What Diversity Network resource has been most useful for you and your colleagues in advancing diversity & inclusive excellence in global education? The annual conference has been extremely helpful, bringing different constituents at the university together at the conference. How has membership with the Diversity Network helped your institution make global education more accessible to students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds? While serving on the Diversity Abroad Board and in his position as Vice Provost for Diversity, Professor...
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Institution Name  San Diego State University Location San Diego, California Institutional Profile Large (over 15,000); Hispanic-serving Institution (HSI) Why did your institution join the Diversity Abroad Network? The Diversity Abroad Network continues to provide excellent opportunities to examine best practices for diversity and equity in international education. The Network has helped our university move forward in developing an inclusive hub for valuable dialogue, action and cross-campus collaboration. How long has your organization/institution been a member? N/A What Diversity Network resource has been most useful for you and your colleagues in advancing diversity & inclusive excellence in global education? The conferences have...
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Contributed by: Devin Walker - University of Texas, Austin (on behalf of the Task Force on Male Students) While Black male student-athletes are only a small percentage of the overall student body at institutions of higher education (IHEs), they are often the faces that represent their respective school, locally and nationally, through their over-representation in the televised and revenue-producing sports of college football and basketball. While these IHEs benefit a great deal from the physical exploits of their male student-athletes, researchers and practitioners have questioned if these athletes are getting a fair deal. In his book, The New Plantation, Hawkins (2013)...
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One of the goals of the annual Diversity Abroad Conference is to share best practices and resources on engaging the next generation of students in international education opportunities. But another key component of the three-day long program is harnessing the experiences of those who have done it already — and pushing them further. The Global Student Leadership Summit, which runs simultaneously to the conference, is a program packed with workshops, networking events, and opportunities for students to put their skills to the test. The Summit is chaired by a committee of three international education professionals. One of these planners is LaNitra...
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Background on Race Matters Blog Series Over the past year in particular, colleges around the country have grappled with how to respond and address student protests and concerns about police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, and racial tensions that exist on their campuses. Some observers have called attention to a root issue related to the unrest: the fact that many university communities do not know how to constructively talk about racial differences and inequities that affect their students. Of course, this absence of effective dialogue and hesitancy to engage and be honest about the continued role of racial privilege and...
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Guest Post by the Diversity Abroad Task Force on International Students: BJ Titus (Chair) - University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesStephanie Leahy - New York UniversityJacquis Watters - Maryland Institute College of Art As the International Students Task Force begins its inaugural year, we have started to reflect on why this student population is of particular interest. This task force was created to begin exploring and developing resources for professionals working with international students. While many colleges and universities have been interested in international students who choose to study abroad (again) for some time, the college experience overall for international students continues...
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Here at Diversity Abroad, our mission is to increase access, inclusion, and diversity within international education. One of the ways we do that is by partnering with many of you to provide study abroad scholarships to our diverse audience. This semester alone, we have awarded over $34,000 to 15 students to make study abroad possible during Spring, Summer, or Fall 2016. Almost ⅔ of these students indicate that they receive a Pell Grant and 87% identify as a racial/ethnic minority. We look forward to connecting with more of your students to further diversify international education programming. You can find more information...
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Where Do We Go From Here? - Reflection on Open Doors 2015 Every year, international educators have the opportunity to review trends related to student mobility. The Open Doors Report, administered by the Institute of International Education, provides necessary data to help us understand the status of study abroad participation among US college students and incoming international students. As an organization solely focused on access, diversity and inclusion in international education, every year Diversity Abroad eagerly awaits the release of the Open Doors report to see the impact that our member institutions and others have had in creating equitable access for...
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