About the Diversity Network
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The Diversity Abroad Network (“Diversity Network”) is the leading professional consortium of educational institutions, government agencies, for-profit and non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusive good practices that increase access, achieve greater diversity and foster inclusive excellence in international education.

Why the Need for Diversity Network?

Students pursue opportunities abroad for cultural enrichment, academic development and career enhancement. Unfortunately, most underserved students — student of color, first generation, those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and others — remain shut out of international education and its benefits. There are a variety of reasons for this — and part of overcoming the obstacles involves knowledge sharing, training, and networking.

Higher education professionals can begin to address these inequities by looking at their institution’s efforts toward underserved students, and ask: What role can we play in reversing this inequity? What are we doing to recruit, advise and better serve diverse and  underrepresented students for international education? How can international educators network with other higher education professionals from around the world and help to bring more global opportunities to underrepresented students?

There is a need for a dedicated space for professionals to network, share best practices, participate in career development, and voice their opinions and experiences with respect to diversity and equality in global education. Diversity Network is the only professional association dedicated to fostering diversity and equity in global education.

The Diversity Network Objectives Are:

  • Develop and advocate the implementation of diversity and inclusion good practices in international education;
  • Empower international educators and other academic professionals to increase participation and achieve greater diversity in international education programs;
  • Create a collaborative environment for international educators, diversity/multicultural educators, and other academic/student service professionals to share, discuss and debate strategies and best practices for recruiting, advising, and serving the needs of diverse students in global education;
  • Provide members with professional development and resource materials to assist in recruiting, advising and preparing underserved students for international education;
  • Diversify international education professionals by connecting employers who value a diverse and globally minded workforce with professionals who promote and enhance diversity in global education;
  • Inform Diversity Network members about developments in the area of diversity in global education;
  • Contribute to and conduct research about diversity in global education.

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