Task Force Members 2017-2018
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2017-2018 Task Forces

Access for Disabilities Abroad
Erica Ledesma - Diversity Abroad
Marnie Nelson – Univ of Nebraska
Lauren Schuller - Bentley University
Randi Butler - Institute of International Education
Erika Wise - Texas A&M University
Kelly O'Ryan - The Experiment in International Living / Landmark College
Laura Kaplan - University of Texas at Austin


Erica Ledesma - Diversity Abroad
Co-Chair: Louis Berends – Syracuse University
Tara Michael - Global Players Study Abroad for Student-Athletes
Susie Duke - Grinnell College
Erin Polnaszek Boyd - International Academic Programs, University of Wisconsin Madison
Robert Bennett III - The Ohio State University
Chris Haynes- University of South Florida
Eboni Preston-Laurent - US Lacrosse

Diversity & Multicultural Professionals

Daneen Johnson - Diversity Abroad
Fatiah Touray – New York University
Shontay Delalue - Brown University
Michelle Cromwell - Regis College
Jacquis Watters - Stevens Institute of Technology
Irene Scott - Texas A&M University 

Faculty Development

Pamela Roy, PhD - Diversity Abroad
Meggan Madden, PhD – The George Washington University
Nayree Barnett - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Fahmi Abboushi, PhD - Central State University
Malaika Serrano - International Studies Abroad (ISA)
April Stroud, EdD - Mount Holyoke College
Karey Fuhs - Northwestern University
Amy Exah - University of Texas at Austin
Jessica Francis - Wake Forest University

First-Generation College Students & First Abroad
Erica Ledesma - Diversity Abroad
Ashley Spinelli – ACCENT International
Aaron Faucher - CISabroad
Jorge A Martinez - Council for Opportunity in Education (COE)
Heather St. Germaine - Hampshire College
Krista Buda Bethel - Northwestern University
Jill Blondin - Virginia Commonwealth University
Eva Navarijo - Washington State University

High School Students Task Force
Erica Ledesma
 - Diversity Abroad
Kristin Labs – IFSA Butler
Jenny Doder - API
Darin Smith-Gaddis - CAPA The Global Education Network
Rebecca LeBlond - Democracy Prep Public Schools
Daisy Rodriguez Pitel - Pima Community College
Eileen Kelly-Aguirre - School Year Abroad
Abel Estrada - University of Colorado, Boulder

Christopher LeGrant - Diversity Abroad
Ahmad Refky - CEA Study Abroad
Maria Segala - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Alayne Wood - Duke University
Nicholas Vasiloff - Kent State University
Manuel Colón - Peace Corps
Rachel Massey - Texas Tech University
Glynis Kincaid - UC Davis Study Abroad
Christopher Hanson - University of California, Santa Cruz
Keara DeKay - University of South Carolina

Minority Serving Institutions
Robert Peterson - Diversity Abroad Fellow
Maxine Sample - Virginia State University
Chanelle Guillaume - California State University Office of the Chancellor
Liz Vocasek - Florida Atlantic University
Nkenge Ransom-Friday - SIT Graduate Institute/Study Abroad
Kristan Gordon - Southern University and A&M College
Charla Henley - The University of New Mexico

Racially/Ethnically Diverse Students Sub-Group #1
Trixie Cordova - Diversity Abroad
Brandon Gregory Bell – Elon University
Tonal Simmons - Wayne State University
Kira Espiritu - University of San Diego
Gregory Rafal - University of Maryland
Chin Yi Chen - University of Oregon

Racially/Ethnically Diverse Students Sub-Group #2
Daneen Johnson - Diversity Abroad
Katie Perkins - ArtCenter College of Design
Maria Doyle - University of West Georgia
Brett Chin - Babson College
Joseph Aguirre - Council for Opportunity in Education (COE)
Hernando Sevilla-Garcia - IES Abroad
Candice Snowden - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Religious Identity
Trixie Cordova - Diversity Abroad
Vivian-Lee Nyitray – Univ of California System
Lillian Read - Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University
Ira Kirschner - Rothberg International School, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ashley Metz - University of Minnesota, Learning Abroad Center
Daniella Lubey - University of San Francisco