The Global Impact Exchange: A Quarterly Publication of Diversity Abroad
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Winter 2018: Global Education in an Age of Nationalism

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Spring 2018 Call for Article Submissions

Diversity Abroad welcomes submissions for the Spring 2018 edition of The Global Impact Exchange: A Quarterly Publication of Diversity Abroad. Article submissions can take various forms, including: scholarly articles, opinion pieces, book reviews, student stories, personal narratives, research findings, etc. We encourage contributors who have experience working with diverse and underrepresented groups in global education including racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ, persons with disabilities, religious diversity, high financial need, community college students, and first generation college students. Selected articles will be shared widely through Diversity Abroad communication platforms.

  • Thematic Focus

    Intersectionality, Identity & Global Education: Exploring the Complexities

    How might one's social identities influence their global education experience and cross-cultural journey abroad? In what ways does the intersections of one's social, personal, and professional identities interact with the local contexts and communities in which they engage? For professionals, how do their identities impact the ways they interact with students, across the spectrum of support provided? How do organizational structure, hiring & retention practices, and work culture reflect a commitment to diverse expressions of identity in our work? What are models and best practices for promoting social justice, human rights, peace, civic engagement, and cultural diversity abroad?

    Article Submissions May Include Focus On:

    • Student support & Services
    • Allyship
    • Safety and Security
    • Professional Development
    • Microaggressions and Micro-resistances
    • Collaboration
    • Multicultural Student Experiences
    • Best Practices
    • Personal Narratives from Global Educators
    • Ethical Engagement
  • Criteria for Submissions


    • Articles (can have multiple authors)
      • 750 - 1200 words
      • Should draw upon research and thought leadership to build the narrative
    • Opinion Pieces
      • No more than 750 words
    • Book Reviews/Overview
      • No more than 750 words
      • Book reviews/overviews will highlight key areas of significance to global education in the context of access, inclusion, diversity, and equity.
  • Editorial Advisory Board

    The main task of the Editorial Advisory Board is to review article submissions for the Diversity Abroad Quarterly publication. While not a peer-reviewed academic journal, the Diversity Abroad Quarterly publication compiles articles to advance domestic and international conversations around diversity, inclusion, and equity in global education with respect to the thematic focus identified each quarter.

    Nicole Webster, PhD - The Pennsylvania State University
    Associate Professor of Youth and International Development; Co-Director of the 2iE-Penn State Centre for Collaborative Engagement in Burkina Faso, West Africa

    James L. Moore III, PhD - The Ohio State University
    Interim Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, Office Diversity and Inclusion; Executive Director, Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male; Distinguished Professor of Urban Education, College of Education and Human Ecology

    David Comp, PhD - Columbia College Chicago
    Assistant Provost for Global Education

    Kelly O'Sullivan Sommer - University of California, San Diego

    Director, Study Abroad


  • Timeline

    • Feb 15: Call for Article Proposals Closes (reviewed on a rolling basis)
    • April 1: Submission deadline - initial draft of invited articles
    • May 1: Reviewer Feedback Available 
    • May 15: Submission Deadline - final draft of invited articles
    • June: Target Publication
  • Instructions for Submitting a Proposal

    For those interested in contributing to the publication, the first step is to submit an article proposal of approximately 100-200 words and include the title, brief synopsis of the article, and the author(s). If accepted for consideration, additional instructions for submitting the full article for review by the Editorial Advisory Board will be provided. NOTE: article proposal form functionality is optimal when using Chrome or Safari browsers.
    Deadline to submit initial article proposal: February 15, 2018