Global Institute for Inclusive Leadership
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The Global Institute for Inclusive Leadership is an intensive, 8-day workshop for international education, student affairs, and multicultural program professionals. Interactive, seminar-style sessions are paired with cultural immersion activities with a focus on building community as well as personal and professional development. 



Educational institutions continue to seek leaders with intercultural skills who can work effectively with their executive leadership on a strategic approach to campus internationalization, diversity and inclusion. These institutions are often invested in policies and practices that advance inclusive excellence of inbound students and outbound global education programs.

The Global Institute for Inclusive Leadership (GIIL) is an intensive, 8-day interactive workshop for international education, student affairs, education abroad, faculty development, and diversity and social justice program professionals who are interested in equipping themselves with the skills, resources, and networks to better support their global education and diversity-related work. The next institute will be held in Cape Town, South Africa on June 18-25, 2017.
About South Africa
Diversity Abroad is excited to host the Global Institute for Inclusive Leadership in Cape Town - a dynamic coastal city and second most populous urban area in South Africa. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, reflecting its role as a major destination for immigrants and expatriates. The nation’s legacy of apartheid and colonial history provides an explicit backdrop for participants of the institute to examine and grapple with race, class, ethnicity, diversity and inclusion from a global education and comparative international perspective. 

South Africa is a multiethnic society encompassing a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. Its pluralistic makeup is reflected in the constitution's recognition of 11 official languages. About 80 percent of South Africans are of Black African ancestry, divided among a variety of ethnic groups speaking various languages. It also includes people of White, Indian and Coloured ancestry. South Africa is often referred to as the "Rainbow Nation," a term coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and later adopted by then-President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela as a metaphor to describe the country's newly developing multicultural diversity in the wake of segregationist apartheid ideology. 

Historically, the nation’s 36 institutions of public higher education, composed of 21 universities and 15 technikons (technical universities) was a system plagued with inefficiencies, duplication, and inequities. After democracy in 1994, South Africa’s new government attempted to address these issues in higher education through government-mandated institutional mergers in an attempt to rid South Africa’s educational system of its apartheid legacy and position the country within the rubric of globalization. The present higher education system consists of 24 public universities, both comprehensive and research institutions and a separate flourishing technical institution system. 

South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world by land area. It has the 7th highest per capita income in Africa despite poverty and inequality remaining widespread. The population of the country is 53 million people; about a quarter are unemployed and living on less than US$1.25 per day. 

Professionals with 4 or more years of relevant work experience in international education, study abroad, student affairs, diversity and multicultural programs, faculty development, and other areas of higher education are encouraged to apply. This may include provosts, vice provosts, deans, associate directors, directors, senior program administrators, faculty who lead programs abroad, etc. Preference in selection will be given to those who demonstrate an ability to benefit from the program and have a scope of responsibility to implement the leadership learning outcomes of the Institute in their workplace with colleagues and students.

To assist in making the case for participation to leadership at your institution, you may download a sample justification letter here.
Personal Benefits
Participants will gain an understanding of diversity and inclusion from a comparative, non-US perspective. From this vantage point, they will demonstrate an awareness of their own culturally constructed understanding of race and ethnicity, diversity, and leadership. Participants will also develop a community with other professionals committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in international education initiatives.

Institutional Benefits
Through the coursework, onsite activities, opportunities to connect with local university administrators, and networking opportunities participants will return better equipped to support students from all backgrounds and to provide relevant feedback on their office's practices and policies. Furthermore, participation in the institute will send a strong signal about their organization/institution’s commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence.
June 18 - 25, 2017
Aaron Bruce, PhD is the Chief Diversity Officer at San Diego State University, where he focuses on campus-wide multicultural understanding, social justice, and strategies related to diversity and inclusion. In addition to developing ways improve campus climate, Dr. Bruce helps strengthen the university’s connections to San Diego’s diverse local and global communities. His experience in the advertising and marketing affords him with the creative energy to promote diversity in a variety of ways. He presently is an active member of the National Association for Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE), Vice President of the Southern California Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (SCADOHE) and is a International Multicultural Institute certified diversity trainer, who has facilitated numerous professional development seminars in the U.S. and abroad.He serves on the National Advisory Council for Saving Students Saving Lives an anti-bullying conference for educators and school counselors. 

Pamela Roy, Ph.D., Manager of Learning and Assessment at Diversity Abroad With over 12 years of experience in international higher education and constituent relations, Dr. Pamela Roy is the founder of the Consultancy for Global Higher Education, where she offers personalized project management and strategic leadership to universities, non-profit philanthropic, non-governmental organizations, as well as to others working in the higher education sector.

  • Interactive sessions on leadership theory and development, race in a comparative perspective, and theories and practices of diversity and inclusion
  • Participants will develop a professional action plan for inclusive excellence in global education by attending workshops and through one-on-one executive coaching sessions with experts in the field. Participants will examine related theories and practices and brainstorm effective strategies for internationalizing their respective units and institutions. 
  • Network and build sustainable relationships with global colleagues and with local higher education professionals sparking future programming, projects and institutional partnerships. Participants will also dialogue across various academic and administrative units committed to enhancing inclusive excellence and international education. Participants will return better equipped to support students from all backgrounds and to provide relevant feedback on their office's practices and policies. 
  • Participants will gain an understanding of diversity and inclusion from a comparative international perspective and learn about the local education system(s) by engaging in cultural immersion activities and site visits to local universities/technikons. Guided activities will encourage participants to deepen their awareness of their own culturally constructed understanding of race, ethnicity, identity, diversity, and inclusive leadership. Participants may elect to participate in a related community service learning project based on mutual interest. 
  • Structured and unstructured time for self-reflection and exploration, including but not limited to sightseeing, nature walks, local cuisine and excursions to important cultural and historical sites. 
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities with Institute faculty and South African colleagues working in similar areas
  • One individual executive coaching session on leadership development
  • Open time for reflection and cultural exploration: sightseeing, shopping, beach, etc.

Certificate of Completion
Upon successful completion of the program components, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Diversity Abroad. 

Assessment and Learning Post Program
Participants will have the opportunity to participate in virtual regroup sessions to further process their experience, build upon their networks, and address how their participation in the institute impacted their practices.
Program Fees

Early Bird Registration (Now - March 31 )
Fee: $3695*

Regular Registration (April 1 - April 30th)
Fee: $3795*

Late Registration (May 1 - May 31st)
Fee: $3895*

*Professionals from Diversity Abroad Network member institutions will receive a $1,000 grant that can be applied towards the GIIL program fee or other Diversity Abroad learning & development opportunities including the Annual Conference, Regional Workshops, e-Learning Courses, or Diversity Network membership.

*A 5% discount will be applied for teams accepted to the program (i.e., professional from an international education office and diversity/inclusion office).

What's Included?
  • Ground transportation to/from airport (arranged when the majority of participants arrive/depart)
  • Group shuttle/bus to and from site visits
  • Travel Insurance
  • Accommodations (Double occupancy included. Single occupancy available for additional fee)
  • Some meals - Breakfast, some lunches, some dinner (including a welcome and farewell dinner)
  • Excursions
  • Assistance with visa processing
  • Pre-departure orientation including access to South Africa Country Diversity Climate Note
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