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Diversity Task Forces  

The Diversity in Global Education Task Forces (Diversity Task Forces) were conceived as a way to bring together international education and diversity professionals to provide critical guidance and support to Diversity Network initiatives, and contribute to the development of new and valuable resources for the field of international education. 

The following 10 Diversity Task Forces have been established for 2016-2017 to focus on these specific student populations:  


  • Racially/Ethnically Diverse Students
  • First-Generation College Students & First Abroad
  • Access for Disabilities Abroad
  • LGBTQI+ Students
  • International Students
  • Minority Serving Institutions
  • High School Students 
  • Undocumented & DACA-mented Students
  • Religious Identity
  • Athletes

To provide additional focus throughout the term, task forces will utilize the framework set forth in Diversity Abroad’s Access, Inclusion, and Diversity (AID) Roadmap, a set of guidelines for diversity and inclusion in education abroad in order to provide professionals a guide for implementing policies and practices that are both aspirational and practical. In collaboration with Diversity Abroad staff, the 2016-2017 task forces will identify one or two guidelines from the AID Roadmap to organize project development over the course of the year. 

Each Diversity Task Force is made up of 2-6 members with a chair for each group to serve as the primary contact with Diversity Abroad staff. Task Forces will carry out the following projects throughout the year based on the theme of each committee. 

  1. Develop a session proposal for the 2017 Diversity Abroad Annual Conference (summer 2016); 
  2. Identify a specific area of advocacy & develop a related resource for the Diversity Abroad professional community, such as an instructional guide, top 5 recommendations list, etc, focusing on a specific guideline of the AID Roadmap (late fall 2016)
  3. Annual Diversity Abroad Conference (winter 2017)
  4. Individually or in pairs, write an article or blog post based on the task force theme  (spring 2017) 

Please note that Task Force members are not required to attend the Annual Diversity Abroad Conference, though we highly encourage your participation! Task Force members receive discounted registration for the annual conference during the early bird period and are invited to a closed meeting for Task Force members.

Professionals who serve on the Diversity Task Forces demonstrate a commitment to increasing access to international education opportunities to diverse and underrepresented student populations. Each member agrees to serve on the committee for at least 12 months. The membership term runs in conjunction with the Diversity Network annual calendar from July 1 to June 30. Diversity Task Force members represent a diversity of institution types and organizations, areas of expertise, and experiences. 

The Diversity Task Forces will meet virtually on a quarterly basis at a minimum. Each task force will be led by 2 co-chairs consisting of a Diversity Abroad staff member and a member of the task force identified by Diversity Abroad to serve in this role. The Diversity Abroad staff will provide guidance for setting up conference calls, managing shared documents, and other logistical support. 

Key Dates
Task Force application submission: June 1 - June 30, 2016 
Application notifications: By July 15, 2016 
Kick-off Webinar: July 27th, 2016

Quarterly Meetings
1st meeting: August 2016
2nd meeting: November 2016 
3rd meeting: February 2017 
DA conference Task Force meeting: March 19 - 22, 2017
4th meeting: May 2017  


Application Instructions

To apply for the 2016-2017 task forces, please submit your application materials by June 30, 2016 via the online form below. For reference, the Word version of the application is available to download here


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