Member Benefits
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The strength of the Diversity Abroad Network is found in our commitment to advancing diversity & inclusive good practices, continuously expanding professional learning and development opportunities, and developing advising tools and resources to assist members in meeting the challenge of inclusive excellence in global education. Institutional membership provides exclusive access to:

Diversity & Inclusive Good Practice Guidelines

  • Full access to comprehensive AID Roadmap assessment tool

Advising Resources

  • Annual Marketing Tool Kit 
  • Diversity & Inclusion Online Resource Center
  • Campus/Organization Good Practice Profiles
  • Advising Manuals for Diverse & Underrepresented Students
  • Online Diversity & Identity Pre-Departure Training

Grants for Professional Learning & Development

  • Annual Diversity Abroad Conference
  • E-Learning Classes
  • Custom On-site Workshops
  • Regional Workshops
  • Online Training
  • Complimentary Members Only Online Training

Advancing Diversity Excellence in International Education

  • Diversity & Inclusion Innovation Grant
  • Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion International Education Awards

And More...

  • Recognition as a Diversity Abroad Network Member

  • Worldwide Membership Directory

  • Publishing
  • Student Planning Scholarship
  • Diversity & Inclusive Hiring Resources


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