About Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad is the leading membership organization that inspires and supports educators, policy makers, industry professionals and other stakeholders in leveraging global educational programs to support the academic success, interpersonal development and career readiness of students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. 

Diversity Abroad firmly believes in the power of global education and that access to the benefits such experiences afford is a question of educational equity. Through the development and dissemination of diversity & inclusive good practices for the field of international education and cultural exchange, online and in-person professional development and an innovative student success platform, Diversity Abroad equips individuals and organizations to advance student success and career readiness through equitable access to global educational opportunities.  


Our Work

With expertise, authenticity, and in collaboration with its 300+ member organizations and a global community of thousands of professionals, Diversity Abroad drives the field of international education and cultural exchange toward inclusive excellence. Learn more about our work.


Our Team

We are incredibly lucky to have a dedicated team committed to supporting our Diversity Abroad community. Meet our team.


Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion in International Education (EDIIE) Awards 

Each year, Diversity Abroad celebrates institutions, organizations, and individuals who have developed inclusive practices that foster diversity and inclusion in global education and cultural exchange.  Learn more.


Impact Council

Diversity Abroad appreciated the guidance and dedication of our Impact Council. Learn more.


Trademark - Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad® is a registered trademark.

While we acknowledge that the term “diversity abroad” may be used in global education, the use of “Diversity Abroad” is prohibited in titles of scholarships, programming, communication campaigns, etc. without explicit permission from our organization. If you have questions about our trademark, please contact [email protected].

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