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Considering Religion Abroad: A Quick Guide for Advisors

A helpful quick guide for advisors which includes some questions to engage with your students at various stages of their study abroad journey, online resources to use, and tips on how to help students overcome religion-centric health and safety challenges while overseas.

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Inclusive Support in a Virtual Environment and the Hybrid Future | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article focuses on recommendations for good practices in hosting or participating in virtual events, from meetings to webinars to modules. It is based on over a year of observation and adaptation in the virtual and hybrid world.

Senior Level Advisors: Advancing Equity & Justice in Global Education | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article, senior-level practitioners, those with 10 or more years of experience within education abroad, were asked to share insights for newer professionals on how they can build a career that advances equity and justice for all students

The Cascading Impact of COVID-19 on Women in International Education | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article will discuss the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on women in international education and how the field can move forward in supporting women to gain leadership roles and continue promoting inclusion and belonging in the workplace.

Ways to Advance Equity, Inclusion & Racial Justice in Global Education | Articles | Diversity Abroad


If advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and racial justice is one of your goals for 2021 here are four ways you can progress toward this goal.

The Transition To Virtual: Supporting International Students | Articles | Diversity Abroad


While this article is aimed at U.S. based institutions, we hope global university sites and partner organizations will adapt the recommendations to fit the needs of their international student population.