Taking an Intercultural Approach to Thanksgiving


This article explores ways that we can respectfully observe Thanksgiving and utilize an intercultural approach to the holiday.

Maximizing Support for Students with Disabilities in Study Abroad | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article focuses on several practices for supporting students with disabilities in study abroad.

Supporting & Engaging International Students in the Classroom | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This report is timely in that it provides the beginnings of an action plan to support the rhetoric associated with both diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and internationalization that is commonplace on so many campuses.

Collaboration to Advance Inclusive International Student Support | Articles | Diversity Abroad


The aim of this critical publication is to provide faculty with increased awareness and some easy-to-use ideas and actions to better understand, support and engage international students in the classroom.

Survey on Burnout in International Education | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article focuses on a survey that was conducted amongst professionals in the field. It discusses burnout in the field and tips for leaders on how to mitigate.

A Vision for Global Education Through Global C3 Workspace | Articles | Diversity Abroad


The Global C3 hub is an innovative workspace that offers educators a network to connect with others through a global community to inspire inquiry-based learning in the classroom and strengthen global education. Case study on K-6 virtual curriculum.

Cultural Conversations - Virtually Strengthening Int'l Connections | Articles | Diversity Abroad


The Global Education Office of Virginia Commonwealth University reflects on meaningful intercultural experiences to students in a virtual environment as response to the travel restrictions during the global pandemic.

What Can One Little Center Do? | Articles | Diversity Abroad


Reflections on how the Center for European Studies at UNC Chapel Hill initiatives can attract and support minority undergraduate and graduate students to engage in international programming on a local level before venturing abroad.

Reviving the Art of Listening as Tool for Global Engagement | Articles | Diversity Abroad


A case study of a course centered around oral history as an educational strategy, bringing relationship and lived experience into dialogue with academic knowledge through filmed interviews with members of the Hispanic community in Florida.

(Re)Place Pedagogies for Remaking Place and Spaces Together | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article explores how interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and interracial collaboration, as carried out through in-person campus/community partnerships and remote trans-local connections, can foster intercultural learning.

Structure and Outcomes of Int'l Humanitarian Engineering Program | Articles | Diversity Abroad


A case study of an online collaborative course between Metropolitan State University of Denver, La Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, La Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, and SRH University Heidelberg in Spring 2021.

Inclusive Support in a Virtual Environment and the Hybrid Future | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article focuses on recommendations for good practices in hosting or participating in virtual events, from meetings to webinars to modules. It is based on over a year of observation and adaptation in the virtual and hybrid world.

Centering Student Needs and Marketing for Global Education Beyond 2021 | Articles | Diversity Abroad


As we consider reaching out to students about study abroad and marketing study abroad to them, let us consider the needs of our diverse students and work with them to reimagine their own global education and engagement.

The Cascading Impact of COVID-19 on Women in International Education | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article will discuss the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on women in international education and how the field can move forward in supporting women to gain leadership roles and continue promoting inclusion and belonging in the workplace.

Senior Level Advisors: Advancing Equity & Justice in Global Education | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article, senior-level practitioners, those with 10 or more years of experience within education abroad, were asked to share insights for newer professionals on how they can build a career that advances equity and justice for all students

Ways to Advance Equity, Inclusion & Racial Justice in Global Education | Articles | Diversity Abroad


If advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and racial justice is one of your goals for 2021 here are four ways you can progress toward this goal.

The Transition To Virtual: Supporting International Students | Articles | Diversity Abroad


While this article is aimed at U.S. based institutions, we hope global university sites and partner organizations will adapt the recommendations to fit the needs of their international student population.

Learning in the time of COVID-19: Lessons From Teachers | Articles | Diversity Abroad


With the pandemic as a backdrop, this article takes a narrative approach to discussing teaching in the midst of a global lockdown.

Identifying & Supporting Vulnerable Campus Populations During a Crisis | Articles | Diversity Abroad


This article will use the COVID-19 pandemic to contextualize international learners as a vulnerable campus population, and recommend promising practices for emergency preparedness that helps reduce these vulnerabilities.

Supporting International Students in the Times of Global Crises | Articles | Diversity Abroad


The U.S. has been the most popular study abroad destination for decades even after social and economic turmoil like the 9.11 attacks and the 2008 financial crisis.

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