There are many opportunities to get involved with Diversity Abroad. Opportunities include serving on a Community of Practice, working groups, and conference committees or contributing to publications such as the Global Impact Exchange.

Communities of Practice

The Global Inclusion Communities of Practice bring together global education and diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals to provide critical guidance and support to Diversity Abroad initiatives and contribute to the development of new and valuable resources for the field of global education and cultural exchange. Each community of practice is made up of 5-10 members, including a chair (invited by Diversity Abroad) and a Diversity Abroad Staff Liaison.

Global Impact Exchange

The Global Impact Exchange quarterly publication serves to advance domestic and international conversations around diversity, inclusion, and equity in global education with respect to the thematic focus identified each quarter. Diversity Abroad invites individuals to submit article abstracts three times a year and also invites 4-6 scholar-practitioners to serve as editorial board members.

Global Inclusion Conference Committee

Global Inclusion is the only conference solely dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of global education and cultural exchange. Each year, Diversity invites 12-15 practitioners working in international education, global learning, diversity, equity, and inclusion, student affairs, and other departments and units to serve on the planning committee.

Working Groups

Diversity Abroad believes in the power of global education and exchange and is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the field and periodically convenes working groups to provide recommendations on contemporary topics at the intersection of global learning and DEI. The groups work together for approximately 12 months to explore this topic in-depth, develop a proposal for Diversity Abroad’s work in this area, and begin creating tools and resources for the Diversity Abroad Community.

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