Diversity Abroad Releases Findings of Fifth Annual Survey of Diversity & Inclusion Among International Educators 

BERKELEY, CA—January 24, 2023 Diversity Abroad is pleased to announce the findings from the 2022 Survey of Diversity & Inclusion Among International Educators. This survey is the first to collect seminal information about the demographics of the diverse individuals who comprise the field of international education and global learning. Now in its fifth iteration, the results of the 2022 survey continue to serve as a source for practitioners, scholars, and others interested in better understanding diversity and inclusion in the profession of international education and cultural exchange. 

With expanded questions on sense of belonging in the workplace and new questions on workplace satisfaction, the results from the 2022 survey offer several key insights for international education leaders, aspiring international educators, and those working in global education. Notably, the data suggest the field remains relatively homogenous with a third (29.9%) of respondents identifying as being from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic populations. Similar to past years, women represent the largest percentage in the respondent pool at 73.6% of the respondents.  Professionals in the field are not particularly optimistic about the possibility for advancement in a career in international education, particularly at their own institution, citing low compensation and lack of transparency in the promotion process as possible factors for this.

On a more positive note, respondents overwhelmingly agreed or strongly agreed that they had support (75.8%) and flexibility (82.9%) from their employer, pointing to positive steps toward more inclusive work environments. While most respondents were mostly positive about their productivity, respondents were less positive about how their workload affected their motivation and mental health at work.

For over 15 years, Diversity Abroad has led the field of international education and cultural exchange in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing professional learning opportunities, critical resources, and insights that promote systemic change. As the leading organization dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusive policies and practices in international education and cultural exchange, Diversity Abroad launched the annual survey to help institutions and organizations make informed decisions on how we hire, develop professionals, and create inclusive employment practices in our offices, organizations, and institutions.

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Diversity Abroad is the leading membership organization that inspires and supports educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders in leveraging the power of global education and exchange to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations and local and global communities. Globally, Diversity Abroad partners with 300+ leading educational institutions, government agencies, companies and organizations that are committed to a more just and inclusive field of global education and cultural exchange. 

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