Diversity Abroad celebrates 10 years of hosting Global Inclusion, Diversity Abroad's Annual Conference with more than 470 registered participants, 70+ sessions, poster sessions, pre-conference workshops, deep dives, critical issues sessions, and more.

San Francisco, California (October 21, 2022) - Diversity Abroad concluded the 10th anniversary of its annual Global Inclusion Conference. For many participants, it was the first time they have been able to connect with colleagues in person since the start of the pandemic. Those in attendance engaged in critical dialogue, made meaningful connections, and reflected on the complexities of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in global education.

The excitement and energy people were feeling about being back in person, reconnecting with colleagues, and meeting new colleagues was palpable. Conference participants shared a commitment to learning and advancing DEIB efforts; concurrent session rooms were filled with practitioners eager to take strategies back to their home institutions and organizations, and the plenaries included vibrant speakers who spoke candidly about the challenges to sustaining DEIB efforts.

Global Inclusion 2022 offered a chance to celebrate institutions, organizations, and individuals doing great work, too. The annual Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion in International Education (EDIIE) Gala and Awards Dinner and the Benjamin A. Gilman Top Producers event recognized the hard work that individuals and institutions have dedicated to institutionalizing access, inclusion, and belonging in international education. Their stories and initiatives are heartening in a time where the future of our field, which has been severely affected by the pandemic, is still tenuous.

Global Inclusion provides a unique space for practitioners working at the intersection of global education and diversity, equity, and inclusion, to explore new frameworks for understanding the ecosystems in which we operate thanks to thought leaders like Deepa Iyer, as well as making meaningful connections with peers and colleagues across the globe. The Diversity Abroad team appreciated the opportunity to work with presenters, participants, sponsors, and practitioners from across the field on advancing DEIB in this space.


Global Inclusion is the only conference solely dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of global education and cultural exchange. Global education can be a high impact practice that contributes to academic success, interpersonal growth, and career readiness. As such, all students and young people deserve equitable access to the benefits that global education and cultural exchange can afford.

With an increasingly diverse student population enrolled in education systems, it is imperative that educators and administrators continue to strengthen their skills, knowledge, and competencies in diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure that global education is not only accessible, but designed to support all students.

Moreover, the field of global education and cultural exchange, like any sector, must be intentional in building a diverse pipeline of professionals and fostering a climate of inclusion and belonging in offices, organizations, and higher education institutions. We must strive to ensure our profession, and those in it, reflect the rich diversity of the communities in which we live and the students whom we support. Each year the Diversity Abroad community gathers for Global Inclusion to tackle the challenges and opportunities diversity, equity and inclusion presents to the field of global education and cultural exchange.


Diversity Abroad and its 300+ members - educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations - all share a vision that the next generation of young people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and global acumen to thrive in the 21st century interconnected world and global workforce. Diversity Abroad is leading the field of global education and cultural exchange toward systemic change to ensure all students, regardless of their backgrounds, are able to leverage global educational opportunities to support their success, educationally, interpersonally and professionally.

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