Global Inclusive Leadership Certificate

The Global Inclusive Leadership Certificate™, developed by Diversity Abroad, is a unique hybrid learning experience that prepares participants with inclusive leadership skills and global competencies so that they can thrive in their communities and on globally diverse campuses and work teams. Current undergraduate students and recent graduates will have the opportunity to engage in online learning for their leadership development. Learn more.

Global Student Leadership Summit

The Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) is the premier leadership conference for students who are interested in further developing skills related to global diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participation in the GSLS will help students’ strengthen their leadership and develop global competencies including self-awareness, communication, team building, embracing diversity and difference, and more. Learn more. is a student and young professional focused web portal that promotes study abroad, full degree programs abroad, entry-level jobs with an international focus, and other global opportunities such as interning, volunteering or teaching abroad; international work, and language immersion. It is a leading global opportunities portal for students and young professionals seeking international study, internships, teaching positions, volunteer work, jobs and other global exchange opportunities. Learn more.

Global Student Leadership Certificate

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Global Inclusion 2023

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