Diversity Abroad specializes in delivering tailored in-person and virtual training programs to institutions, organizations and agencies that employ a globally diverse workforce, have operations in various countries and/or support globally mobile students & employees. With close to seventy years of combined experience the Diversity Abroad team has delivered comprehensive training sessions across the globe for our partners - higher education institutions, government agencies, companies and organizations - that support their diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

Our Approach

Tailored to fit your unique needs, Diversity Abroad’s custom training programs are comprehensive and interactive learning experiences. The training programs support the acquisition of the required knowledge, skills and confidence needed to develop, implement and/or improve practices and policies that advance diversity, equity and inclusion. Diversity Abroad tailors each training curriculum for the unique needs of our partners and considers the following:

  • Type of institution, agency or organization;
  • Level of diversity & inclusion experience of attendees;
  • Demographics of attendees;
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion practices, programs and services currently in place.

Training programs are delivered virtually or in-person with the options for 1/2 day, full-day and multi-day engagements.


Training Curriculum

Whether you're focused on ensuring equity in your global learning programs, establishing a baseline of diversity & inclusion competency among your staff, or building an office culture of inclusion and belonging, Diversity Abroad's custom training programs will equip you and your team for success. Each training is customized based off one of our core broad training categories, which include:

  • Human Resources & Belonging
  • Marketing & Recruitment
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Advising & Student Success
  • Health, Safety & Security
  • Stakeholder Engagement


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