How to Get Started?
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3/24/2020 at 1:50:56 PM GMT
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How to Get Started?


Select "New topic" in the gray menu bar and post a question or comment related to the session topic.

Please refer to the Community Discussion Guidelines before posting: 

In order to maintain a constructive and respectful space in this online setting, please review the following guidelines:


  1. This discussion forum is for educational purposes. Shared knowledge helps us all to
    learn more.

  2. Please hold to a single topic for each thread. Be sure to list your topic in the message
    header/subject box before sending. This will aid the reader(s) in identifying the topic.

  3. Please stay on topic. We understand discussions can evolve over various topics, but in order to be the most helpful to members, when the topic steers into another subject, start a new thread in the appropriate forum topic.

  4. Before posting your question to a discussion board, check if anyone has asked it already and received a reply.

  5. Engage in dialogue. The exchange of knowledge will  be most beneficial to those who engage with their peers and dig deeper into proposed topics. Make the most of this space and engage meaningfully with fellow professionals.

  6. The Community Forums are an opportunity to engage in a collaborative space aimed at identifying and sharing best practices, and networking with professionals and students. Under no circumstances should a post or thread be used as a platform for the endorsement of a product, service, or for direct promotion of monetary self-interest.

  7. Respect the opinions of your peers. If you feel the need to disagree, do so respectfully and acknowledge the valid points in your peer’s argument. We want to engage in dialogue that promotes mutual respect and understanding.

Please note, Diversity Abroad reserves the right to delete any inappropriate message or messages not in accordance with these guidelines.