New DEI + COVID-19 Thread
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3/26/2020 at 5:31:15 PM GMT
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New DEI + COVID-19 Thread

Like everyone, we at Diversity Abroad are concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world as whole and specifically on our team and our global community of professionals and students. In many ways we are in uncharted waters and this has caused understandable fear, anxiety, and confusion about what’s next, from a public health and economic standpoint as well as for our sector. Professionally, in the short-term there will be much uncertainty, however in the long-term we are confident that as an innovative community we will get through this crisis and emerge from it even stronger and poised to continue to leverage global education to support the success of all students. 

 To support ongoing dialogue on how COVID-19 is impacting diversity, equity and inclusion in international education, Diversity Abroad has created this new Community Forum thread specific to COVID-19. While access to posting questions or sharing resources is limited to Diversity Abroad members, anyone can review details of the questions and resources posted in the thread.

 We look forward to staying connected and sharing insight among the Diversity Abroad community throughout these unprecedented times.