Navigating Our Way through the Coronavirus
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4/6/2020 at 6:38:06 PM GMT
Navigating Our Way through the Coronavirus

Hello colleagues, my name is Dr. Daisy Rodriguez Pitel and I serve as the MSI Taskforce Chair.  Last Friday, April 3, 2020 was the first meeting post COVID19.  Most of our conversation revolved around how we're doing, managing, coping, and restructuring our lives and ways of being.  Each person shared the mandates of government leaders, and the lack of mandates from some states, and its impact on increasing anxiety and providing guidance.  We collectively agreed on the importance of "sheltering in place" regardless of the lack of Governor and mayoral guidelines. It is frightening when leaders aren't taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously and allowing folx to believe that living as usual is safe.  We need to work collectively to "flatten the curve".

One of the most important highlights of the conversation was the reminder to check in with one another.  It was also discussed that as we do our best to move forward in how we live our lives, how we adjust to this new normal of working in higher education, that we take care of our mental wellness. Attached below are suggestions provided by the National Institute of Mental Health.

If you are finding creative ways to be effective during this time that you'd like to share, I implore you to do so.  A way that I've been connecting with folx and relearning ways to be effective has been participating in various webinars.  This morning I attended a session on "Dealing with Uncertainty" and the facilitator, Farah Bala, asked us to think about what we can and cannot control during this time, then she asked us to think about gratitude and list ten things/people/situations that each of us are grateful for.  The next question required deeper reflection, what on your list do you take for granted?  This exercise reminded me of how I need to be more mindful about the many blessings in my life- shelter, food, job, colleagues, friends, and family!

Be well, be safe, and share your gratitude!  In solidarity!

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