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Diversity Abroad Launches the First Education Abroad Access, Inclusion, & Diversity Assessment Tool

Thursday, September 10, 2015  
Posted by: Ryan Rounds
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BERKELEY, CA – September 10, 2015 – Diversity Abroad, the diversity and inclusion leaders in international education and exchange, has announced the availability of the first tool used to assess diversity and inclusive good practice within education abroad. The Access, Inclusion, and Diversity (AID) Roadmap assessment is now open to institutions to complete. 

While the field of international education has expressed a longstanding interest in advancing diversity and inclusion, there have been few resources to assess the office-level and institutional-level efforts to increase access to and support for diverse and underrepresented student populations. As the U.S. college student demographic becomes more diverse and the academic and professional benefits of study abroad become widely documented, the need for targeted practices to ensure all students have access to international programs has become essential.


“We cannot afford to simply allow diversity and inclusion to just happen. Increasing access and fostering diversity and inclusive excellence in education abroad requires thoughtful and strategic action. The AID Roadmap is the most innovative tool developed to streamline diversity and inclusion efforts within education abroad. By following the diversity and inclusion good practice guidelines offered through the AID Roadmap, education abroad offices, large and small, will be in a position to implement the practices and develop the skills needed to increase access, achieve greater diversity, and advance inclusive excellence in education abroad." -Andrew Gordon, President and Founder, Diversity Abroad


The AID Roadmap is both a set of diversity and inclusive good practice guidelines as well as an intensive self-assessment tool that examines the current state of diversity and inclusion across eleven strategic areas [UPDATE LINK] within education abroad. The AID Roadmap is designed to help education abroad offices document and assess their diversity and inclusion practices, and serve as a guide for implementing policies and practices that will help offices achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

U.S. institutions of higher education are welcome to complete a complimentary or comprehensive version of the AID Roadmap and can begin the process by visiting [UPDATE LINK]..

Diversity Abroad is committed to improving the AID Roadmap in future update cycles, and welcomes your feedback on version 1.0.

For questions or additional information about the AID Roadmap or Diversity Abroad contact