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Diversity Abroad releases AID assessment tool to expand access & services to diverse students

Wednesday, April 22, 2015  
Posted by: Ryan Rounds
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BERKELEY, CA - April 22, 2015 –Diversity Abroad, the diversity and inclusion leaders in international education and exchange, announces the launch of the Access, Inclusion, and Diversity (AID) Roadmap assessment, the first tool developed to help guide colleges and universities evaluate their diversity and inclusion efforts in education abroad.
Higher education, government, and private sector leaders are eager to increase participation and achieve greater diversity in study abroad as the need for globally and culturally competent college graduates becomes increasingly important to U.S. national interests.  While there has been wide support for diversifying education abroad for decades, up until now there has not been a clear set of guidelines for how to achieve this goal. As the U.S. college student demographic becomes more diverse and the academic and professional benefits of study abroad become widely documented, the need for targeted practices to ensure all students have access to international programs is essential.
“As the student population in US higher education continues to diversify, education abroad offices need to assess how current strategies and efforts are attracting and adequately preparing diverse students for international education programs. Diversity Abroad’s AID Roadmap and its additional resources are designed to help education abroad offices assess their diversity and inclusion efforts to increase access to and support for students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds,” says Andrew Gordon, Diversity Abroad Founder and President
The AID Roadmap is an intensive self-assessment that examines the current state of diversity and inclusion across eleven strategic areas within education abroad. The AID Roadmap is designed to help education abroad offices document and assess their diversity and inclusion efforts, and serve as a guide for implementing policies and practices that are both inspirational and practical.
“Our office has always been mindful of diversity related issues… We still have ground to gain in terms of making our processes more intentional. The process [of going through the AID Roadmap] was a very valuable and informative one,” says Robert Hallworth, Director of the Office of Study Abroad at the George Washington University.
Completing the AID Roadmap is the first step in investigating how an institution’s procedures and policies can both increase participation and achieve greater diversity in education abroad. The tool provides offices a chance to benchmark their current efforts as well as compare efforts across institutions.
The full version of the AID Roadmap, which also allows institutions to benchmark their diversity and inclusion practices to like institutions, will be available in an interactive platform summer 2015. The public version of AID is available for download now at
Diversity Abroad is committed to improving the AID Roadmap in future update cycles, and welcomes your feedback on version 1.0.
For questions or additional information about the AID Roadmap or Diversity Abroad, contact Lily Lopez-McGee at