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Diversity Abroad Announces New Five-year Strategic Plan

Tuesday, March 5, 2019  
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SUMMARY: Diversity Abroad, the leading organization advancing diversity and inclusive policies and practices in the field of international education and cultural exchange, announces a five-year strategic plan after impressive growth and success since its founding in 2006.

BOSTON, MA—March 5, 2019  At the 7th annual Diversity Abroad Conference CEO and founder Andrew Gordon announced a five-year strategic plan for the leading organization in diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education. Diversity Abroad aims to move the field of international education and cultural exchange toward systemic change through the development of good practice guidelines, resources, and learning opportunities that empower professionals to advance inclusive excellence, and positions students to succeed through equitable access to global education.

“Our vision has not changed: That the next generation of young people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and global acumen to thrive in the 21st-century interconnected world and competitive workforce. However, our approach to realizing our vision has been revised and improved to ensure our continued effectiveness in the years to come.” - Andrew Gordon, CEO and founder

The strategic plan articulates priorities to connect students to opportunity, empower educators, engage new stakeholders, and build and sustain an equity-minded team. New key initiatives will focus on supporting student success in global education, including on-demand Student Learning and Advising Courses that provide students with culturally relevant and identity-specific guidance to enhance learning and support their success throughout the global education process. Additionally, a refreshed online community for students to connect with alumni and learn about global education and career opportunities will be released this spring.  

On the professional and organizational development front, the second edition of Diversity Abroad’s Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (AIDE) Roadmap--the gold standard for diversity and inclusive practice within the field--includes newly revised indicators to assist education abroad offices and international education organizations with developing, implementing, and evaluating diversity and inclusive practices. In summer 2019 a first of its kind Diversity & Inclusion Certification Program will offer individual professionals the opportunity to develop and improve on the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to champion access, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of international education and cultural exchange. And to ensure the profession advances inclusive practices with respect to hiring, training, and retaining professionals, Diversity Abroad will increase participation in and dissemination of results from the Bi-annual Survey of Diversity & Inclusion Among International Educators.

“Diversity Abroad has developed a brilliant platform for gaining a greater understanding of the challenges and solutions associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion domestically and globally. The organization is well positioned to lead the field of international education toward inclusive excellence.” - Aaron Bruce, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, ArtCenter College of Design and Diversity Abroad Advisory Council Member.

To ensure the next generation of students--who increasingly come from diverse and traditionally underrepresented backgrounds--participate and thrive in global programs, the field of international education must transform from a field that is exclusive and serves a small, privileged population of young people to one that is inclusive and supports the success of all students. With expertise, authenticity, and in collaboration with its 280+ members, Diversity Abroad is uniquely positioned to continue to lead the field toward inclusive excellence.


Access the full Diversity Abroad Forward here.

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Diversity Abroad’s member network is the leading professional consortium of educational institutions, government agencies, for-profit and non-profit organizations who share Diversity Abroad’s vision that the next generation of young people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds are equipped with

the skills, knowledge, and global acumen to thrive in the 21st-century interconnected world and global workforce.