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Diversity Abroad Releases 2nd Edition of the Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (AIDE) Roadmap

Wednesday, April 17, 2019  
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Diversity Abroad Releases Second Edition of the Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (AIDE) Roadmap

SUMMARY: Diversity Abroad releases the second edition of its Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (AIDE) Roadmap. With updated guidelines and newly revised indicators the tool is the gold standard for assisting international education offices and organizations with developing, implementing, and evaluating diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and policies to expand access to and support student success through education abroad programming.

BERKELEY, CA—April 17, 2019  Diversity Abroad, in collaboration with experts in the fields of international education, diversity and inclusion, and student affairs, has issued a revised edition of its Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (AIDE) Roadmap, the gold standard for diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in the field of international education . The Roadmap includes a set of guidelines and a comprehensive assessment tool for international education offices and now for organizations who administer education abroad programming.

“Operational effectiveness and excellence are essential to making sustainable progress in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education. The AIDE Roadmap Guidelines & Assessment provide the international education community with a robust tool for identifying, implementing, and evaluating diversity and inclusion good practices and policies. This is an essential process if institutions and organizations are to expand access to and effectively leverage international education to positively impact the success of all students,” says Andrew Gordon, CEO and Founder of Diversity Abroad.

Taking a systematic approach, the AIDE Roadmap Assessment includes a robust set of indicators, ranging from Strategy and Communications to Academics and Student Success, to assist international education offices and organizations in implementing inclusive practices and policies that are applicable to their work. The ultimate goal of the AIDE Roadmap is to impact and improve the operational effectiveness of offices and organizations in a way that positions them to provide equitable access to the benefits of education abroad, which can improve the academic success, interpersonal growth, and career readiness for all students.

Along with updated Guidelines, the second edition of the AIDE Roadmap includes  the launch of Diversity Abroad’s Inclusive Excellence program, a 3-year program that guides institutions and organizations through the comprehensive AIDE Roadmap Assessment to evaluate their current diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and create a baseline upon which to build a plan for sustainable and continuous improvement. The Inclusive Excellence Program recognizes the institutions and organizations who, through operational excellence, are democratizing the benefits of education abroad.

“The AIDE Roadmap has been a critical tool for helping us to inventory, prioritize, and promote our diversity and inclusion efforts. The document serves as an oft-cited reference both within our department and throughout the university. Based on the positive outcomes we experienced with the AIDE Roadmap 1.0, we are looking forward to utilizing version 2.0 to continue advancing Wake Forest's inclusive policies and practices.” - David Taylor, Assistant Dean for Global Study Away, Wake Forest University

The 2nd Edition of the AIDE Roadmap Guidelines are now available. Beginning summer 2019 the AIDE Roadmap Assessment and the Inclusive Excellence Program will be available to Diversity Abroad Members. Learn more about the AIDE Roadmap and save the date for an informational webinar on June 13th from 2-3 pm Eastern.

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