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Virtual Advising & Student Success Platform

Transformative Doesn’t Happen by Chance

Diversity Abroad has developed a new online platform to help advisors deliver inclusive and targeted resources to support the success of today’s digital savvy student throughout their global education experience.

Today’s students are asking for 24/7 assistance throughout their global education experiences. Generation Z is influencing a shift in education calling for content that is engaging, interactive and on-demand. Developed as learning tools to complement and support the work of busy international educators, Diversity Abroad’s Abroad360° is a comprehensive suite of resources that includes micro-learning & advising modules, online workshops, and country-specific Diversity & Inclusion Guides.

 As global education offices aim to increase and diversify global program participation at their campuses and support their international student populations, advisors need to be equipped with the right advising and learning tools to support the participation and success of all students. Each tool within Abroad360° is designed to deliver content that is identity-specific and takes into consideration diverse students’ concerns, such as their wellness, safety and security. Understanding that advisors’ capacity and resources at home and host campuses can sometimes be limited, these resources supplement existing services and aid in increasing equitable access and allow students to feel supported no matter the time, place or subject matter.

 Benefits of Abroad360°
Abroad360° resources are used by international education professionals to support students at each step of the education abroad process — from exploring global programs and pre-departure to onsite and career readiness. These resources will be there when students face unexpected challenges and can be a preventative learning tool. Below are additional benefits for professionals and students:
Time & Capacity
All student advising takes time, especially when there is close to a 70:1 student to full-time staff ratio in international education. Time crunched advisors can direct their students to Abroad360°, which complement the work of advisors by guiding and providing support to students throughout each phase of their global experience.
Reach on Campus
To expand participation, better prepare, and support students for success in a global experience we have to reach them where they are. Whether it’s another campus unit referring students to Abroad360° or leveraging the tool to supplement pre-departure orientation, this tool positions your office to provide advising support to students no matter where they are.
Physical Presence
When you cannot be there, our resources will be. Whether a student is nervous about speaking to someone about the experience of a person of color abroad, or they are in-country and experiencing a crisis, our virtual resources are everywhere your students are.
Holistic Support
Culturally relevant resources compile advice, experiences, and research to provide a holistic system of support for diverse students from exploration to re-entry. This is particularly important for students in-country who are not prepared for what they may face based on their identity and may not have onsite staff who understand their cultural context.

What's Included

The Abroad360° resources cover the following areas related to the global programs continuum in order to support students through every phase:

  • Exploring Global Programs
  • Preparing to Go Abroad
  • Living Abroad
  • Coming Home
  • Getting Career Ready

Learn more about each of the unique resources that comprise Abroad360°:

Abroad360° Modules
A series of short and engaging microlearning modules that provide diverse and underrepresented students with culturally relevant and identity-specific information to enhance learning and support their success while pursuing education abroad. Modules are complemented by resource pages, quizzes, reflection activities, and online workshops.


Examples of Modules:
  • Being a Student of Color Abroad
  • Approaches to Navigating Microaggressions Abroad
  • Staying Healthy and Safe (Multi Part Series)
  • Allyship for Diverse Peers Abroad
Online Abroad360° Workshops
Live online workshops that build on the Abroad360° Modules and engage the Diversity Abroad Student Community via discussion while connecting them to experts in the field and one another.


During the Online Workshops, students will be able to:
  • Review the information presented in Abroad360° Modules with a live group of facilitators and student participants
  • Support the development of the greater student community through the sharing of experiences abroad
  • Compare and contrast their experiences abroad to those of students with a variety of identities
  • Construct an action plan for navigating their global experience in relation to the workshop topic and their personal reflection
Cultural and Diversity Destination Guides
Select Destination guides are available to premium users to explore how their identities can be taken into consideration when planning to travel to a specific country. Just look for the identity icons on every Cultural and Diversity Destination Guide!


Who is this for?
Abroad360° resources were developed to support the success of all students and young people engaged in global educational programs with a special focus on those from diverse and traditionally marginalized populations. Students gain access to the resources through their institutions or sponsoring organizations subscription to Abroad360°. Subscription is ideal for the following entities:
  • College & Universities
  • Education Abroad Provider Organizations
  • Organizations Administering Global Scholarship or Fellowship Programs
  • Secondary Schools

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Abroad360° is available on a subscription basis. Diversity Abroad members are eligible to receive discounts and special pricing is available for community colleges, select minority serving institutions, and small nonprofit organizations.
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