Supporting Our Community During COVID-19
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Supporting Our Community As We Navigate COVID-19

Without question the landscape of our sector has shifted. Diversity Abroad is at the forefront to ensure that as we realign and reimagine our work to meet this new normal, we are building a sector that is inclusive, equitable and supports the success of students and professionals from all backgrounds. Our team has been working hard to leverage our digital resources and knowledge of working in a virtual world to support our international community navigate through these unprecedented times. Here are some of the areas that we are focusing on to assist professionals and students:

Career Advancement & Belonging for Global Educators

To most effectively serve an increasingly diverse student body, it’s essential that global educators from diverse backgrounds are represented, equipped to advance their careers and experience a sense of belonging in their workplaces.

Education Abroad

Ensuring students are equipped to succeed in education abroad programs requires staff, faculty, and administrators to promote inclusive practices across the continuum of the education abroad process. This includes exploring global programs, preparing to go abroad, living Abroad, coming home, and getting career-ready.

  • Diversity Abroad’s Student Success Platform, Abroad 360° is available to Diversity Abroad members through early June to support students who have returned from overseas as well as students who are beginning to explore how global programs can support their academic and professional goals.  Participants will have access to an Abroad 360° Online Workshop: Leveraging Global Experiences in Your Career on May 20th.
  • In an effort to gain an understanding of how marginalized populations have experienced COVID-19 differently, Diversity Abroad has distributed a short survey for students who study at US-based institutions and participated or were planning to participate in a global program in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The results will be shared with the international education community to help inform best practices for student success in global education.
  • For both members and non-members, we recommend accessing our open access resources & guides that will help support your students at each phase of the global education process.
International Student Services & Cultural Exchange

Fostering a climate of inclusion and belonging for international students supports their success on globally diverse campuses and is a critical component to advancing comprehensive campus internationalization.

Global Learning at Home

Developing critical global competencies does not solely depend on student mobility. Digital learning tools & meaningful global educational experiences at home - both on campus and within the local community - can be leveraged to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and global acumen to thrive in an interconnected 21st century workforce

  • Diversity Abroad will bring together a working group of experts in international education & diversity & inclusion in June 2020 to begin a 12-month process to identify a strategic approach and develop tools & resources to support global learning at home. 

The future is uncertain but together we can create a more equitable international education sector. As our field faces monumental changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring equitable access to global education—at home and abroad and encourage our partners to keep diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront. Here are a few resources and opportunities to consider in this regard:

  • Consider submitting an article proposal to the Global Impact Exchange quarterly publication to share what your institution/organization is learning about the role of global education in promoting inclusion and belonging during times of global crisis. Deadline to submit an article is June 15, 2020.  

Staying connected to share challenges and successes is more important now than ever. With this in mind, we invite you to consider the following opportunities to share your voice and get involved with the Diversity Abroad community

  • To support ongoing dialogue on how COVID-19 is impacting diversity, equity and inclusion in international education, Diversity Abroad has created a new Community Forum thread specific to COVID-19. While access to posting questions or sharing resources is limited to Diversity Abroad members, anyone can review details of the questions and resources posted in the thread.