Diversity & Inclusion Certification
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Diversity Abroad’s Diversity & Inclusion Certification Program is designed to certify individuals committed to increasing access, diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of international education and exchange

This comprehensive program offers participants the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to champion access, diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of international education and exchange.

Certification Program will address the following topics:

  • Individual & Institutional/Organizational Action Planning;
  • Understanding the Impact of Diversity, Inclusion, Access and Equity in International Education & Exchange;
  • Utilizing Student Data to foster Partnerships & Effective Cross-Department Communications;
  • Organizational Operations with focus on Professional Development, Staffing, Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Academics and Student Success to optimize equitable access to the benefits of international education and exchange
  • Leadership Development for establishing Policies, Procedures, Strategies and Concrete Plans to support inclusive comprehensive internationalization

The certification program advances both the organization and the Individual providing a unique opportunity for the participant to increase their knowledge and skill set in Diversity & Inclusion within the realm of international education and exchange which can then be applied and utilized to strengthen access and equity policies, procedures and practices of their current or a future employer. 


  • Individualized action plan to position yourself for career advancement as a champion of diversity, inclusion, and equity in international education & exchange
  • Integrate real data from your institution/organization to operationalize on diversity & inclusion goals for lasting impact
  • Develop expertise in applying Diversity Abroad’s gold-standard AIDE Roadmap guidelines for inclusive excellence in international education & exchange 
  • Catalyze a climate of inclusivity in the US and abroad to promote student learning & success in global education and international student programming 

The first cohort is scheduled to begin August 2019.

Contact Diversity Abroad (members@diversityabroad.org) to learn about the Diversity & Inclusion Certification.