International Education Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program
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International Education Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program

The International Education Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program, developed by Diversity Abroad, is a comprehensive learning experience that will offer you the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to champion diversity & inclusion initiatives. Upon conclusion of the program you will be positioned to support and lead your organization in developing, implementing and improving diversity, equity and inclusion strategies for the field of international education and cultural exchange.

Developed in collaboration with leaders in the fields of diversity & inclusion, international education and student affairs, the Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program focuses on your interpersonal growth, the exploration of emerging trends, as well as the acquisition of requisite competencies to affect sustainable change at your institution or organization.

Certificate Program Modules Overview:
The certificate program advances both the organization and the individual by providing a unique opportunity for you to broaden your perspective and increase your knowledge and skill set in diversity & inclusion within the realm of international education and cultural exchange. The acquisition of these skills can then be applied and utilized to strengthen diversity and inclusion policies, procedures and practices at your current or future employer.

Module #1 Institutional/Organizational Climate; Strategic Learning Goals
This module examines the organizational environment (institution, unit, individual) as it relates to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), by reviewing the current status of DEI efforts, goals for improvement and path to success. One’s self-awareness and identity is also analyzed in an effort to better understand one’s self and establish learning objectives for the program.
Module #2 Diversity, Inclusion, Access and Equity: Understanding the Impact
The second module provides an opportunity to examine diversity oriented terms while discussing the need to embrace the evolving language of diversity, equity and inclusion. Learners will improve their diversity IQ while gaining a wider perspective of the challenges those outside the norm may experience.
Module #3 Strategy and Communications
The third module tackles communication as it relates to strategy, leadership, and partnering, recognizes diversity, equity and inclusion as a strategic imperative. Learners will explore their leadership style, strategies for creating a network of partners, and appropriate terminology regarding diverse backgrounds and identities. Data to foster Partnerships & Effective Cross-Department Communications;
Module #4 Organizational Operations
This module looks at targeted organizational operations: professional development; staffing: recruitment, hiring and retention; and fostering of an inclusive work environment by humanizing Diversity. Learners then focus on the importance of assessing and evaluating operations and processes, identifying diversity and inclusion challenges, and addressing them.
Module #5 Academics and Student Success
The fifth module addresses academics and student success, targeting curricular and co-curricular activities, advising, and student support -- including health and safety -- for incoming and outgoing students, scholars, faculty and staff. Learners will conduct an in-depth analysis on a targeted underrepresented group based on interest.
Module #6 Final Project Development and Final Assessment
The final module closes out the certification program with an assessment and demonstration of learning through creation of a final project that advances access, inclusion, diversity and equity in global education.
Benefits of the Certificate
This certificate program advances both the institution/organization and the Individual providing a unique opportunity for the participant to increase their knowledge and skill set in Diversity & Inclusion within the realm of international education which can then be applied and utilized to strengthen the policies, procedures and practices of their current or a future employer. Certificate participants will demonstrate an understanding of the principles of Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity and how these can be implemented in various contexts to support inclusive excellence throughout the global education process; prior to, during and after an international experience focusing on diverse, underrepresented and international students. Opportunities will be provided to build professional networks with like-minded colleagues.
  • Individualized action plan to position yourself for career advancement as a champion of diversity, inclusion, and equity in international education & exchange
  • Integrate real data from your institution/organization to operationalize on diversity & inclusion goals for lasting impact
  • Develop expertise in applying Diversity Abroad’s Global Equity & Inclusion guidelines for inclusive excellence in international education & exchange
  • Catalyze a climate of inclusivity in the US and abroad to promote student learning & success in global education and international student programming
  • Become part of the Diversity & Inclusion in Global Education Leadership community, a closed group on social media.
Who Should Enroll

The principles taught in the certification program will benefit learners from any industry, however the program was developed primarily to support current and rising professionals who work in the following areas:

  • Education Abroad
  • International Student & Scholar Services / Cultural Exchange
  • Diversity & Inclusion/Multicultural Affairs
  • Faculty/Instructor
  • Student Affairs
  • Academic Affairs
  • Graduate Students
  • Anyone Interested in International Education & Cultural Exchange 
Program Format
The 14-week virtual program is cohort-based and led by a qualified facilitator. Content will include webinars, videos, articles, journal entries, quizzes, scenarios, phone and online discussions and other activities designed to promote self-discovery, experiential or applied learning. A number of exercises will be shared with a conversation partner, others with the facilitator and others with the larger group through discussion of the module topics. Participants are provided with pre-readings 2 weeks prior to the start of the program.
Time Commitment
Each week approximately 4-5 hours of program (video(s), questions, webinar(s), article(s), reflection, assignments, and quiz combined with partner and group sessions)
Diversity Abroad Certificate Program Facilitators represent a diversity of experiences and perspectives. Typical program facilitators will meet the following criteria:
  • Hold an advanced degree;
  • Have at least 10 years of related professional experience in global education and/or diversity & inclusion;
  • Have successfully completed the Diversity Abroad Train-the-Trainer program; and
  • Have demonstrated advancement in their professional careers through writing, national-level advocacy, and/or leadership.
Summer 2020 Facilitator Fall 2020 Facilitator
Cohort Dates
The certificate program will be offered 3 times annually in the spring, summer, and fall:
  • Fall 2020 Cohort: November 30, 2020 - March 22, 2021 (includes 2 week break over the holidays)
  • Summer 2021 Cohort: June 7 - September 13, 2021
Cost & Application
  • Non-Member: $2,999
  • Member: $2,399
  • Full-time Graduate Student: $1,749
Discounts: Three or more learners registered concurrently from the same institution/organization will receive a 10% discount. If your organization is interested in registering as a group, please contact Diversity Abroad ( prior to registration as discounts will not be applied retroactively.
Application Information
Applications to join the Fall 2020 cohort are now open. Register by the November 15, 2020 deadline.