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Diversity Task Forces  

The Diversity in Global Education Task Forces (Diversity Task Forces) bring together global education and diversity professionals to provide critical guidance and support to Diversity Network initiatives, and contribute to the development of new and valuable resources for the field of global education. 

The following 8 Diversity Task Forces have been established for 2018-2019 to focus on these thematic areas:

  • Faculty Development 
  • Race & Ethnicity 
  • First Generation College/First Abroad & High Financial Need 
  • Access for Disabilities Abroad
  • Religious Identity
  • Minority Serving Institutions
  • High School

Each Diversity Task Force is made up of 3-8 members including a chair (invited by Diversity Abroad) and a Diversity Abroad Staff Liaison. 

Thought Leadership: Potential Projects
In approaching the deliverables, task forces are encouraged to consider overlapping or intersecting themes. For example, the intersection of race, first generation college students and sexuality; or faculty development for women of color program directors. Most Task Forces will carry out several of the following tentative projects throughout the year based on the theme of each committee.  

  • Diversity Abroad Conference session proposals 
  • Diversity Abroad Conference Town hall session 
  • Community discussion
  • Articles/blogs, possibly proposal for The Global Impact Exchange if theme applies 
  • Recommendations for: community discussion topics, experts in the field, thematic areas of focus for The Global Impact Exchange

Other projects and activities that may be considered include:

  • Recommend experts in the particular thematic area
  • Recommend promising practices for the Diversity Abroad Network Good Practices Series
  • Other projects to advance advocacy for task force theme on the national level.

Please note that Task Force members are not required to attend the Annual Diversity Abroad Conference, though we highly encourage your participation! Task Force members receive discounted registration for the annual conference during the early bird period and are invited to a closed meeting for Task Force members.

AIDE Roadmap Guidelines

While task forces are primarily organized around identity, professional roles, and/or institution type, task forces are encouraged to focus on the operational aspects needed to advance success for our students & colleagues in global education. With this in mind, task forces should reference one of the five Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (AIDE) Roadmap guidelines listed below for each deliverable. The AIDE Roadmap is a set of diversity & inclusion guidelines addressing 11 key areas of the education abroad process for implementing policies & practices that are both aspirational and practical:

  • Inclusive Advising
  • Outreach, marketing, recruitment
  • Health, Safety & Security
  • In-Country Support, Reporting, & Advising
  • Campus collaboration (Internal or external)

Meetings & All-Group Communications

In general, task forces can expect to meet (either as a group, via email communication, or in sub-groups) on a monthly basis. Task Force Chairs will be asked to provide a quarterly update to Diversity Abroad; these updates will be incorporated into quarterly all-task force communications by email and/or forum. 


Diversity Abroad will identify a Chair for each task force on a yearly basis. Chairs will provide leadership on content development, identifying emerging themes, and maintaining deadlines. Each task force will also include a Diversity Abroad Staff Liaison to assist in clarifying project plans and to provide logistical assistance as needed. Potential Chairs will be asked to consider other “competing” obligations that may impact their ability to lead the task force before accepting the Chair invitation.

Application Process
Open spots on task forces will be filled by applications per the schedule below. Invitations will be extended for a year-long commitment (July 1 - June 30), with an invitation to return for a 2nd year on the same task force as applicable.

Key Dates

Task Force applications open: May 7 - June 8, 2018
Application notifications: By June 30, 2018 

  • Kick-off Webinar: July 9th, 2018 at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • 1st meeting: July/August 2018
  • DA conference Task Force meeting: March 2019 in Boston
  • Final meeting: May/June 2019 


Application Instructions

To apply for openings on the 2018-2019 task forces, please submit your application materials by June 8, 2018 via the online form below. For reference, a pdf version of the application is available to download here


Applications Now Closed!