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Diversity Abroad is committed to being at the forefront of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within the international education and cultural exchange field by conducting & distributing national-level surveys, collaborative reports, and other research-based thought leadership to better understand the experiences of the students and professionals involved in these endeavors. In doing so, Diversity Abroad will be able to provide education professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders with the knowledge and resources to actively promote the inclusion and success of underserved students in global education.

2019 Survey of Diversity & Inclusion Among International Educators

As the leading organization dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusive policies and practices in international education, Diversity Abroad launched the annual Survey on Diversity & Inclusion Among International Educators to help the field make informed decisions on how we hire, develop professionals and create inclusive employment practices in our offices, organizations, institutions, and ultimately the field.

Download the 2019 Survey Report Here!

Collaborative Leadership: Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Comprehensive Internationalization in Higher Education

This publication addresses the unique opportunities that Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) and Senior International Officers (SIOs) have to develop partnerships to achieve success in tackling the challenges and opportunities around campus internationalization, diversity, equity and inclusion.The key feature of this publication are the in-depth guidelines to be considered for embedding diversity, equity, and inclusive good practices and policies into campus internationalization. Read more about these strategic initiatives in the full report, linked below.

Download the Full Report Here!