Student Advising Courses
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Student Advising Courses

Developed as a learning tool to complement and support the work of busy international
educators, Diversity Abroad’s Student Advising Courses are a series of short,
animated, and engaging videos that provide diverse and underrepresented students with
culturally relevant and identity-specific information to enhance learning and support their
success while pursuing education abroad. 

Gain access to this exclusive digital library and enhance the way you support your diverse
students abroad!


Course Features

  • 3-5 minute animated videos
  • Resource sheet accompanies each video course
  • Educators can automatically enroll students 

Sample Course Listings


  • Paying for Global Programs
  • How to Choose the Right Program for You


  • Dealing with Isolation Overseas
  • Cultural Adulting (American, Regional, Heritage Culture)
  • Approaches to Navigating Microaggressions Abroad


  • Continuing the Work (Staying Engaged When You Get Back)
  • Reverse Culture Shock


  • Embracing Your Diversity Abroad: Country-Specific Guides
  • Managing Expectations
  • Preparing Self-care and Wellness Practices Before You Go

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