Education Abroad Student Experience Survey
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Education Abroad Student Experience Survey

A Resource Tool for Institutions Seeking to Understand What Diverse Students Experience Abroad

Historically, at US universities and colleges, students from diverse and underrepresented populations have not had equitable access to the benefits afforded through global learning experiences. The purpose of the Education Abroad Student Experience Survey is for institutions and organizations to learn more about the successes and challenges of historically underserved students in education abroad in order to improve programs, services, and effectively leverage education abroad to support the academic success, interpersonal growth and career readiness of diverse students.

The Tool


The Education Abroad Student Experience Survey is designed to understand who students are (their identifiers) and what kind of experiences they have had abroad. The survey provides both qualitative and quantitative data. There is robust space for student testimonials and scales-based questions. Participants will dedicate 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. 

There are Two ways to use the Education Abroad Survey:

  1. Use the national data produced from the Diversity Abroad Nationwide survey to improve practices and generally  inform how you serve globally minded diverse students 
  2. Implement the survey on your campus for targeted data to better understand your students’ experiences abroad



Diversity Abroad will implement a nation-wide survey and produce a snapshot and comprehensive report. The snapshot report will be shared community wide while Diversity Abroad Members will have access to the comprehensive report data. 

The Diversity Abroad National Survey will be implemented in the winter/spring each year and results will be published each June. 

How to Use The Findings

Institutions/organizations that implement the survey on their campus can share findings with faculty, staff, and administrators to inform them how they could better support students from all backgrounds and identities throughout their education abroad experiences. Data and quotes from this survey can be used for reporting purposes.

National and institutional findings can inform programming, pre-departure training, training for in-country staff, homestay on-boarding, returnee support, allocation of funding to different aspects of the global experience, and more. At the conclusion of the survey implementation institutions and organizations will receive their institution/organization’s aggregated data to use for reporting and research.


Those implementing the Education Abroad Student Experience Survey on their campus will be provided the following resources:

  • A recommended implementation timeline
  • Social and promotion kit
  • Personalized links to share the tool
  • Aggregated data after the completion of survey implementation

The Education Abroad Student Experience Survey will be available for implementation starting in October 2020. Please contact us at if you would like to be notified as soon as it is ready for use.