Membership Levels & Rates
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Diversity Abroad's annual membership runs from July 1st through June 30th*. Memberships are available at the institutional or individual level. Institutional membership provides access to resources for 10-40 professional colleagues from the same institution/organization. Individual memberships are available for graduate students and professionals.

Diversity Abroad Membership Fees

U.S. and Non- U.S. Institutions
Enrollment Up To 3,000 - $525
Enrollment 3,001 - 6,000 - $835
Enrollment 6,001 - 10,000 - $1210
Enrollment 10,001 - 20,000 - $1570
Enrollment 20,001 - 30,000 - $1970
Enrollment more than 30,000 - $2395
University System Office - $1315
Community College - $410 
Secondary Institution - $410 

Education Abroad Providers
Student Enrollment up to 250 - $525
Student Enrollment of 251 - 500 - $1045
Student Enrollment of 501 - 1000 - $2095
Student Enrollment of more than 1000 - $3145

Community Partners, Associations & Government Agencies
Community Partners - $1315
Associations & Government Agencies  - $1315

World Bank Classification - $410
Institutions in a country classified as “low-income”, “lower middle income” or “upper-middle-income” are eligible for this membership rate. World Bank Country Classification

Catalyst Program - $525
Offices sending less than 100 students on credit-bearing education abroad programs yearly may take advantage of a one-year introductory membership rate, regardless of total enrollment.

System-wide Membership (universities)
System-wide membership provides all member institutions access to the same Diversity Abroad member resources and professional development grant opportunities to support educators who are committed to enacting policies and practices that are inclusive and will ensure more of our students have access to global educational opportunities. Given the variations in geographic location & student demographics between campuses of a given university-wide system, securing membership for all institutions demonstrates a proactive approach to leveraging global education to positively impact student success. System-wide membership demonstrates a comprehensive commitment to providing equitable access to and inclusive support for all students across the system campuses to global programs. With access to the AIDE Roadmap, member resources, and relevant training opportunities, this partnership represents an important step towards reaching diversity and inclusion goals at each of the member campuses. For details, please email or call 510-982-0635 extension 704.

Global Partner Opportunities
Is your institution or organization interested in partnering more closely with Diversity Abroad? Diversity Abroad Global Partners are committed to partnering with Diversity Abroad to equip and empower international educators and other higher education professionals to increase access, foster diversity and advance inclusive good practices into global education. The Global Partner program is designed for institutions and organizations that want to play a greater role in the success of Diversity Abroad and take full advantage of the services and resources offered by us. Joining as a Global Partner aligns your institution or organization with the work of Diversity Abroad. For details, please email or call 510-982-0635 extension 704.

Individuals - $299                                          
Diversity Abroad is an institutional membership consortium. However, individuals who are engaging in work related to international education, access, diversity, equity and/or inclusion may join Diversity Abroad as individuals to gain access to community forums, member directory, live webinar discussions, and discounted pricing for Diversity Abroad professional development and events. Please note, this does not include access to online resources or other institutional related benefits.

* Institutions that join between October 1 - December 31 will receive 25% off of the following year's membership. Institutions that join between January 1 & March 31 will receive 50% off of the following year's membership. 

** Available only to institutions of higher education in the Diversity Abroad consortium.


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