Diversity & Inclusion Resource Center
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The Diversity & Inclusion Resource Center is a centralized hub where administrators, faculty, staff and other education professionals can access the best practices, tools and resources needed to increase access, achieve equitable diversity and incorporate inclusive excellence in global education.

Access, Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity (AIDE) Roadmap

Diversity Abroad's AIDE Roadmap is both a set of diversity and inclusive good practice guidelines as well as an intensive self-assessment tool that is designed to help education abroad offices document and assess their diversity and inclusion practices, and serve as a guide for implementing policies and practices that will help offices achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. The AIDE Roadmap is available to Diversity Abroad Network Members.

AIDE Resource Library (Member Access)

Complementing the AIDE Roadmap, the AIDE Resource Library is a compilation of articles, presentations, resources, trainings and other tools that are essential for higher education institutions and organizations to reach their diversity and inclusive goals for international education. Resources available in the AIDE Resource Library are organized in two ways to allow members to easily locate them.

Resources here are organized based on the eleven strategic guidelines from the AIDE Roadmap: 

Guideline One | Institutional Profile & Data Collection
Guideline Two | Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
Guideline Three | Campus Collaboration
Guideline Four | Professional Development and Staffing
Guideline Five | Outreach, Marketing, and Recruitment
Guideline Six | Student Advising
Guideline Seven | Financial Aid
Guideline Eight | Programming Offerings
Guideline Nine | Health and Safety
Guideline Ten | In-Country
Guideline Eleven | Re-Entry

The following resources are organized based on their relevance to these student identities:

Racially and Ethnically Diverse Students
High Financial Need Students
First Generation College Students
Students with Disabilities
LGBTQI+ Students
Religious Identity 
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Students
International Students
STEM Students

Diversity & Inclusion Advising Manuals (Member Access) 

This one-stop resource gives an overview of issues of the discrimination, equality and racism in countries where students study abroad. Here, advisors can obtain information for advising various student identities including: ethnic/racial minorities, people with disabilities and LGBTQI+ communities. 

Online Pre-departure Module on Identity (Member Access) 

The Online Pre-Departure Module on Identity is a tool for professionals and program leaders to use for group pre-departure programming or as a general resource to inform conversations with students around identity in pre-departure. 

Faculty Program Leader Resources (Member Access)

Faculty program leaders play a central role in the student education abroad experience. Throughout program development and in-country, faculty are integral in designing inclusive programs, curriculum, and activities that can contribute to positive student learning outcomes.

Global Impact Exchange Archives (Member Access)

The Global Impact Exchange quarterly publication serves to advance domestic and international conversations around diversity, inclusion, and equity in global education with respect to the thematic focus identified each quarter. Publications are archived after one year and made available to logged-in members